Batwoman: Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) will be replaced by a new character.

Photo: The CW


A few days ago, Ruby Rose surprised everyone by announcing her departure from Batwoman, the series where she plays the title role, after just one season. The production was then looking for a new LGBTQ actress to play the character of Kate Kane. But, according to Entertainment Weekly, the creative team behind the CW series finally decided to introduce a new character to replace Kate Kane’s character. A way to leave the door open for Ruby Rose as a potential return as a guest star? Only time will tell.

Anyway, Batwoman fans will have to get acquainted with a new character named Ryan Wilder during season 2. According to Reddit’s leaked casting announcement, Ryan Wilder is a young woman in her mid-twenties, friendly, messy and a little awkward and seems to be the exact opposite of Kate Kane.

The casting sheet states that in the absence of anyone in her life to guide her, Ryan became addicted to drugs. Currently sober, she lives in a van and is the kind of dangerous, highly skilled and highly disciplined fighter who is capable of killing you with her bare hands. Being an outspoken lesbian, she is athletic, raw, passionate and fallible. She is also far removed from the stereotypes of the all-American hero.

Who would you like to see in this role? Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions.

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