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Roster Con is :

A resource devoted to conventions related to series, films, anime, comics, whether they take place in France, Europe or anywhere else in the world. The strength of our website? ts comprehensive search engine which allows you to find events sorted by series or movie, location and celebrity. The Roster Con team covers a large number of French events (reports, photos) and has established partnerships with the main French companies.
L’équipe de Roster Con couvre de nombreux événements français (reportage, photos) et a noué des partenariats avec les principaux organismes français.

An online magazine featuring news on series, movies, literature, travel, music, video games…

A community with 3,500 subscribers, comments, reviews, photo sharing.

A few figures

150K to 200K


400K to 700K

page views/month

+ 4,000 subscribers

+ 7,500 subscribers

+ 5,000 subscribers

More information about our visitors in our Media Kit (PDF).

Our offers

Roster Con provides you with a wide range of advertising offers or content in order to best match your target and your needs.

Display: available on both mobile and desktop, offers featuring skins, packs (header/footer), blocks, “in-” or full-site are available for both the French and/or English version of the site.
> All the details can be found in our media kit.

Content: available for contests or advertorials on the French and/or English version.
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New customer : – 5% on our “display” and “content” offers!

Our offers for convention companies

Are you a convention company? Roster Con provides you with a range of offers designed to put your events in the spotlight.

Display : -10% will be applicable on all our display offers.

Content : includes a news pack of 3, 5 or 10 news items featured on the homepage, the magazine’s categories, the page of the event and of any related celebrities and series if they are available on the site. These packs are available in French and/or English.

Sponsorship : event pages, articles, posts on our social networks. A full sponsorship pack is also available at a very attractive price.

All the offers can be found in full detail in our media kit (PDF).

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