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Rencontre des lecteurs qui ont les mêmes centres d’intérêt que vous, c’est possible avec la nouvelle application « Carry a Book ». Disponible sur iOs, elle met en relation des amoureux des mots d’un secteur géographique similaire pour un éventuel coup de foudre littéraire.

Meet readers who have the same interests as you, it’s possible with the new “Carry a Book” application. Available on iOs, it connects word lovers from a similar geographical area for a possible literary love at first sight.

We knew Babelio, Goodreads, now we’ll have to rely on a new social network for book lovers: “Carry a Book”. This new application, currently only available in English, connects Internet users to common readings and interests; a Tinder kind of application where it’s a match, but only between literary experts.

An algorithm, matches

The concept is therefore simple: to bring readers together beyond the Web, over a coffee, a cup of tea and why not in a bookstore. In order to suggest people whose profile is similar to yours, “Carry a Book” will analyze your favorite books and authors, as well as your latest readings. It is of course up to you to tell us what you like about literature from the start. The algorithm then does the rest of the work to put you in touch with readers in the same geographical area as you.

The application is available on iOs and is free of charge. Paid subscriptions are offered to ensure the structure’s financing. While it is currently active mainly in the United States, it may well be successful in other countries.

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