The novel “You Can’t Catch Me” will soon be adapted for the small screen

Catherine McKenzie’s suspense novel “You Can’t Catch Me” is about to become a television series. The book has just been released in bookstores and attracted a lot of attention from the producers. Paramount Television Studios acquired the rights to adapt it.

The book has barely been published and is already on its way to being adapted! Author Catherine McKenzie couldn’t be more excited about the publication of her novel. Paramount Television Studios has just acquired the rights to adapt “You Can’t Catch Me” into a television series. The writer will of course have her say, as she will be executive producer, alongside Spencer Walken and Todd Garner.

Suspense galore

Having just been fired from her job as an investigative journalist after being accused of plagiarism, Jessica Williams decides to take a break from her work by going to a Mexican seaside resort. While waiting for her flight at the airport, she meets a woman with that same name, whom she nicknames JessicaTwo. Together, they start looking for other similarities.

This is not the first time Catherine McKenzie has seen one of her works being adapted. Her previous book, “I’ll Never Tell” was also produced by Paramount Television Studios, with exactly the same team. It looks like her success is here to stay…

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