L.J. Smith’s “The Forbidden Game” will soon be adapted into a TV series

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After “The Vampire Diaries”, it’s time for another L.J. Smith saga to be brought to the small screen: “The Forbidden Game”. The rights of the trilogy have just been acquired by the Warner Bros.

L.J. Smith fans will be delighted: after the “The Vampire Diaries” saga, it is now the turn of another series by the writer to be adapted for the small screen: “The Forbidden Game”. The rights of this trilogy, of which the first volume was published in 1994, were acquired a few days ago by Warner Bros Television and Berlanti Productions. Sarah Schechter, David Madden and Greg Berlanti will be the executive producers.

An enigmatic game

Originally released as a horror story for teenagers, “The Forbidden Game” tells the life of Jenny and her six friends as they play a game similar to Jumanji during the birthday of her boyfriend, Tom. The group then finds themselves in different parallel worlds where they have to face their worst nightmares or risk having their souls imprisoned forever. The master of the game, Julian, is none other than the salesman of the store where the so-called game was found.

Although the release date of the series is not yet known, the title search already allows for some brainstorming.

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