The Society: Season 2 cancelled by Netflix

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Bad news for the fans of The Society series. Although the show had been renewed for season 2 in July 2019, it has just been cancelled by Netflix. We tell you more about it.

The Society, the Netflix series, won’t actually get a season 2. The streaming giant made the announcement a few days ago. The main reason for the cancellation of season 2 of The Society is the Covid-19 pandemic. Like some other shows that have already been cancelled, the series fell behind in the production of its new episodes. Resuming season 2 would have increased production costs because of the health measures and safety rules required to fight against the coronavirus. Additionally, there were significant uncertainties surrounding the production of the show. Since it was impossible to plan for any specific production dates, it was also impossible to determine whether the actors would still be available once everything had been set up to welcome them. For all these reasons, the Netflix platform decided to cancel season 2 of The Society series.

Just to remind you, season 1 follows the adventures of a group of teenagers who, overnight, find themselves mysteriously alone in a replica of their city. After the joy of finding themselves without any adults to keep an eye on them, they will have to find answers in order to return to their city and their parents. Although they establish some rules among themselves to be able to live together as a community, things will not go according to plan.

The casting for season 1 of The Society includes Kathryn Newton (Allie Pressman), Gideon Adlon (Becca Gelb), Sean Berdy (Sam Eliot), Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena Wu), Jacques Colimon (Will LeClair), Olivia DeJonge (Elle Tomkins), Alex Fitzalan (Harry Bingham), Kristine Froseth (Kelly Aldrich), José Julián (Gordie), Alex MacNicoll (Luke), Toby Wallace (Campbell Eliot), Rachel Keller (Cassandra Pressman), Jack Mulhern (Grizz Visser), Emilio Garcia-Sanchez (Jason), Spencer House (Clark) and Salena Qureshi (Bean).

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