Truth Seekers: the series cancelled by Amazon after only one season

Truth Seekers: the series cancelled by Amazon after only one season

Photo: Colin Hutton/Amazon Prime Video/Stolen Pictures

Truth Seekers’ ghost hunters will not return for a second season. Nick Frost, co-creator of the series with Simon Pegg, James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders, revealed this in a video posted on his Instagram account: “Sadly, Truth Seekers will not be returning for a second season. Truth Seekers has not been renewed, which is a massive kick in the willy for me.” He adds: “We really put our all into this – our heart and soul, and blood in some cases, so to not come back is really sad for us. It’s a shame. I think we had lots of lovely ghost stories to tell – stories that will remain now untold. If you liked the show, thank you. And if you didn’t, are you happy now? Happy now?”

For those unfamiliar with Truth Seekers, the series follows Gus Roberts, a technician for an internet operator who investigates paranormal events in his free time. With the help of Elton John, a new addition to the company, he’ll explore haunted places. Soon, they will discover the existence of a conspiracy that could threaten all humanity.

At the casting, we find Nick Frost, Samson Kayo, Susan Wokoma, Emma D’Arcy, Malcolm McDowell, Simon Pegg, Taj Atwal and Julian Barratt.

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