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Roswell Reboot : Trevor St. John joins the cast

Roswell Reboot : Trevor St. John joins the cast

Published on 24 March 2018 by - Crédit Photo : DR

The cast for the Roswell reboot is quickly taking shape and, once again, a new actor joins the team.

It’s Trevor St. John, known for the role Victor Lord Jr. in the soap opera One Life to Live who’ll be joining the cast of Roswell‘s new version. He will be playing Master Sergent Jesse Manes, a man who seemingly inherited the duty to cover-up the aliens’ existence but, conversely, decide to exterminate them.

Trevor St. John will be playing opposite Liz Ortecho, Nathan Parsons, Michael Valmis, Heather Hemmens, Tyler Blackburn and Lily Cowles. That’s seems like a cast that could offer a great reboot for Roswell.

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