Inbar Lavi (Lucifer) joins the cast of the movie Vronika

Inbar Lavi (Lucifer) joins the cast of the movie Vronika

Photo: Ed Araquel/Bravo

Inbar Lavi, the actress who played Eve in Lucifer, will soon star in the film Vronika. According to Deadline, the actress will play the lead role in Geert Heetebrij’s psychological thriller alongside Jack Kesy (Claws).

The film will be centered on Roni (Inbar Lavi), a strong-willed woman, and her ambitious husband Stephen (Jack Kesy), a home-based crypto-currency trader who decides to create Vronika, a twin version of his wife, in order to help him in winning trades. This female character will also be played by Inbar Lavi.

The film by Geert Heetebrij (The Interior) is currently being shot in Michigan. No release date has yet been announced for Vronika.

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