Nina Dobrev sets TV return in the Woman 99 series

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Actress Nina Dobrev will soon return to our screens as part of the adaptation of Greer Macallister’s novel Woman 99, published in 2019. Fans of the actress were more than happy to hear the news. We tell you all about it.

Nina Dobrev, brought into the spotlight thanks to her double role as Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries, is about to make her comeback on the small screen with Woman 99, the adaptation of Greer Macallister‘s eponymous novel. The actress, who had attempted a first comeback with Fam, a sitcom in which she played the leading role, is certainly hoping that her new project will prove more successful.

Woman 99 will follow the adventures of two sisters, Charlotte and Phoebe, who would do anything for each other. Their parents decide to commit Phoebe to a lunatic asylum since she becomes an inconvenience. Charlotte will do everything in her power to get her sister out of that asylum. She will even change her name so that she can anonymously infiltrate Phoebe’s surroundings. Charlotte will put her life and her sanity at risk for the sake of sisterly love. She will learn a number of secrets and discover the reasons behind the imprisonment of her sister and the other inmates. However, her mission will be full of dangers since those in power will do everything they can to prevent her from discovering the truth.

The serial adaptation of Woman 99 is particularly meaningful to actress Nina Dobrev, who said: “It’s so important to tell women’s stories written by women with women for women. Unfortunately, history continues to repeat itself, and Woman 99 explores themes of mental illness, societal inequality and injustice that make this cautionary tale feel hauntingly relevant even centuries after the story takes place.”

The series will be produced by the actress herself as well as Janice Park (Little Monsters) and Bruna Papandera (Big Little Lies, Tell Me Your Secrets). Two other executive producers will accompany them in this project, Steve Hutensky (Pieces of Her, The Nightingale) and Casey Haver (Queen America, Nine Perfect Strangers).

If you have been seduced by this new series, you’ll have to be a little patient because for the moment, there is no information about its release date.

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