Isabella Gomez to play the lead role in the Head of The Class reboot

Photo: France Knaff / Roster Con

While One Day At A Time has been cancelled for a second time and Sony Pictures Television is looking for a new home for the show, Isabella Gomez, one of the stars of the series, has been confirmed in the cast of the Head of The Class reboot. The original series aired from 1986 to 1991 on ABC. For its part, the reboot is expected to be released on HBO Max.

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Isabella Gomez will play Alicia Adams, a smart, funny and straightforward high school teacher. Alicia was obsessed with her GPA when she was in high school and thought she understood what school was all about when she was there. Now, as she teaches for the first time, she’s truly discovering what she wants out of life. She is the successor to Howard Hesseman, who played the role of the teacher in the original version of ABC.

This reboot, just like the series created by Michael Elias and Rich Eustis, will follow a group of overworked high school students who find themselves taking lessons from someone who wants them to think less about grades and more about experiencing life. This new version of Head of The Class was created by Amy Pocha (Paradise Police) and Seth Cohen (American Vandal). They will be working not only as scriptwriters but also as co-showrunners alongside Steven Cragg (Saturday Night Live) and Brian Bradley (Scrubs).

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