Charmed : The reboot found its Whitelighter

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The CW already found the actresses who’ll be replacing Phoebe and Piper in the Charmed reboot. According to TVLine, it’s now time for The CW to announce the name of the actor who’ll be playing the new Whitelighter, replacing Leo (played by Brian Krause in the original). For this role, the channel chose Rupert Evans (The Man In The High Castle, Rogue, The Village), who is used to playing in TV Shows.

The British actor will be playing the part of Harry, a charming but infuriating professor who’s taking a particular interest in the Pruitt sisters. According to our American colleagues, there’s no doubt that Harry will be the Whitelighter who’s supposed to watch over the sisters in this reboot.

With this new member, the cast is now almost full since the only actress missing is the one who’ll be playing the eldest of the three siblings. The CW let Jessica O’Toole, Amy Rardien and Jennie Urman, from Jane The Virgin, in charge of this Charmed reboot.

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