More about the casting for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’s reboot

More about the casting for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch's reboot

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A few weeks ago, we’ve learned that a reboot was planned for the show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. In the last few days, new members of the cast have been revealed, bringing light on this new project for which people are more than excited.

5 new members of the cast… And a cat!

Kiernan Shipka is the lead actress on this reboot, but who’s gonna act along side her? That’s a question that many people were asking after learning about this new version of the show. In this day, the search for new members of the cast is still ongoing, but four very important roles have already been filled.

Jaz Sinclair, who played Anna Walsh in When the Bought Breaks in 2016, among other things, will here be playing Rosaling ‘Roz” Walker, Sabrina’s best friend. Michelle Gomez, known for her role of Misty in the last few seasons of Doctor Who, will also be in the show. She’ll be playing Mary Wardell, a teacher from Sabrina’s school, who’s been possessed by Madam Satan and will act has an antagonist for Sabrina. Lucy Davis, who recently played Etta Candy in the Wonder Woman movie, will be playing Hilda, Sabrina’s sweet aunt, who’s an expert in potion making. Miranda Otto, who was seen in the Lord of The Rings movies, will be playing Sabrina’s other aunt, Zelda. Chance Perdomo‘s name was also added to the cast. He is less known than his new coworkers, but nevertheless, he’ll be playing Ambrose Spellman, an English pansexual sorcerer, who’s also Sabrina’s cousin.

Salem, Sabrina’s furry partner, will also be on screen for this reboot. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the show’s creator, tweeted a picture of the cat at the beginning of the month, along side this message: “Ladies and gentlemen, meet Greedale’s latest resident. All hail Salem!”. It would seem that, in accordance to this new version, Salem will have a darker backstory. His real name is Samuel and he’s been transformed by witches that were trying to punish him for refusing to marry a witch after getting her pregnant.

A really different reboot

As we all understood after the announcement of this reboot, it’s clear that Sabrina, the Teenage Witch‘s new version will be extremly different from the 1996’s show. This new version is based on 2014’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics and, like Riverdale, the show wants to follow Sabrina’s life in a darker and more modern way. Very little information have been announced regarding the story in itself but it’s easy to assume that this version of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch will be really similar, in style and ambiance, to Riverdale, which is another show based on a story from Archie Comics.

Every day, we hear about new members for the cast. To this day, it seems like the cast is filled with really talented actors and actresses, which gives hope to the people who awaits this show. The show is supposed to air during this year and we’re all hoping that this version will be up to our expectations.

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