Angry Birds: Netflix orders a new animated series

Photo: Sony Pictures

In addition to the mobile games and the movies, Angry Birds is about to take Netflix by storm. According to Deadline, the streaming giant has commissioned a 40-part, 11-minute-episode animation series of the famous birds and their enemies, the pigs.

Entitled Angry Birds: Summer Madness, the series will use the same comedic format as the films and will follow Red, Bomb, Chuck and other feathered friends during summer camp. The pigs will also be part of the show and will have their own summer camp.

The synopsis promises explosive antics, hilarious pranks and crazy adventures during the summer as the birds push the boundaries and break all the rules while trying to keep the obnoxious and cheeky pigs on the other side of the lake, mostly since they seem determined to cause as much chaos as possible.

Rovio, the developer of the Angry Birds game, stated: Angry Birds animated content plays a key role in our long-term franchise strategy. After more than a decade in hit games, blockbuster movies and licensed products, this is the Angry Birds’ first foray into a long-form series. We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Cake and can’t wait to unveil the world of Angry Birds: Summer Madness to viewers on Netflix.”

The Angry Birds: Summer Madness series is expected to be available on Netflix in 2021.

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