10 shows renewed by the CW

10 shows renewed by the CW

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In 2018, 10 shows are gonna be renewed by the CW. Between Arrow and Dynasty, everyone will find what they’re looking for in the upcoming releases.

The 7th season of Arrow should arrive on the CW near October 2018. This season will see the come-back of a well loved character who was gone from Star City since a couple of years : Roy, played by Colton Haynes. This time, Roy is coming back as a regular on the show. Is Thea going be back with him ? We don’t know for sure.

Black Lightning
Fresh and innovative compared to others superhero shows, Black Lightning did quite the impression with the start of season 1 a few months ago. That’s why a 2nd season of Jefferson Pierce’s adventures was inevitable. This new season is supposed to air during 2019.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Season 4 of Crazy Ex-Grilfriend has also been announced recently but Rachel Bloom, the co-creator and lead actress of the show, said that this 4th season was gonna be the last one. After being diagnosed with Borderline Personnality Disorder and pleading guilty for attempted murder in the season 3 finale, Rebecca’s future is more unpredictable.

This modernised reboot of the 80’s soap will be back with a 2nd season. There’s no informations yet concerning this new season but fans are looking forward to seeing the Colbys and the Carringtons again.

The Flash
Barry Allen, aka The Flash, should be back during autumn of 2019. There’s very few informations concerning the new season but we know one thing for sure : adventure never stops for the speedsters.

Jane the Virgin
What will Xiamoro be diagnosed with ? What will happened to Jane and her family ? Season 5 will answer to these questions. There’s no air date yet, however, Gina Rodrigez who’s playing Jane, officially announced that this season will be the last.

DC : Legends of Tomorrow
Very few informations have been revealed concering season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow. Only one thing is certain : Ava Sharpe, played by Jes Macallan, will be a regular on the show and we’re all very excited to see how things are gonna go between the Time Bureau agent and Sara, the captain of the Legends.

Announced in exclusivity during Rivercon, season 3 is currently in the making. There’s no air date yet and very few informations have been disclosed. We already know that, for example, JellyBean, Jughead’s siter, is gonna make her first appearance in the new season. It’s even possible that she’s gonna be accompanied by FP’s wife.

For now, Supergirl‘s season 4 is a complete mystery. The airing, which is probably gonna be on 2019, has no precise date yet, no informations have been revealed and there’s no trailer. We’re gonna have to be patient in order to learn more about the season to come.

One of the most popular and long-lasting success of the CW, Supernatural, is gonna be back for a 14th season. Sam and Dean’s future is umpredictable but Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are talking about the possible end of the show when it hit the 300 episodes, 13 episodes from here.

In conclusion, 2018 seems to be a good year for the CW and, with 11 shows renewed in the months to come, we’ll not gonna have time to be bored. What’s gonna happened to our favorite characters ? Be patient, we will find out soon enough.

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