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Steven Spielberg wouldn’t be against an actress playing Indiana Jones

Steven Spielberg wouldn't be against an actress playing Indiana Jones

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When we think of Indiana Jones we instinctively think about the movies’ director, Steven Spielberg. But we also think about the actor who played the famous Indiana Jones : Harrison Ford. For the past 30 years, the actor held the leading role in the movies directed by Steven Spielberg and as he is ready to work on the 5th Indiana Jones movie, Harrison Ford explained that it will probably be his last. After all, the actor is already 75.

Rest assured, even if “Indiana Jones” looses is lead actor, the saga will not end just now. According to Steven Spielberg, a 6th movie is already considered. However it might surprise you but the famous director isn’t against a woman taking the new leading role. Obviously “Jones” will have to become “Joan” but, according to Steven Spielberg, the result might be interesting.

This announcement provoked a wave of rage among the fan-base who can’t imagine a woman taking Harrison Ford‘s place. However we have to admit that everything Steven Spielberg touch tends to turn to gold. With this director, we can except everything but, more importantly, a result that will be worth the fans’ expectations. Whatever, this change isn’t imminent and it’s not even confirmed yet. You still have time to consider this possibility.

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