A museum in honor of Frankenstein

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The world-famous science fiction book “Frankenstein” will soon have its own museum in the United Kingdom. Author Mary Shelley wrote most of the novel in Bath, a city already well known to Jane Austen fans.

On January 1, 1918, “Frankenstein”, the book that was to become THE science fiction classic par excellence, was published. Nearly 200 years after its publication, a museum dedicated to the work is about to open its doors in England. Mary Shelley, the author, lived in Bath, where she wrote much of the story. Her story came to life as a result of an inventive competition between friends on the topic of ghost story writing. As it was impossible at the time to publish a book as a woman, “Frankenstein” was published anonymously.

A seminal author

In addition to the creation of the work, the museum will provide visitors with an opportunity to learn more about Mary Shelley. From her personal life to her literary career, they will also be able to discover the author’s personal effects, such as original letters and period costumes. The city of Bath will therefore experience a renewed popularity, even though it is already well known as home to the Jane Austen Center.

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