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Steven Bochco : the death of a screenwriting pioneer

Steven Bochco : the death of a screenwriting pioneer

Published on 3 April 2018 by - Crédit Photo : DR

The screenwriter of Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue died on Sunday April 1st at 74 years old following a long lasting leukaemia.

Well-known screenwriter a few decades ago, Steven Bochco wasn’t really the center of attention these past years. However, he was a real pioneer in the TV Shows’ world as we know them. He started working on shows like Columbo and quickly created his own shows Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue which both received a huge success thanks to an innovative concept. But for that, Steven Bochco often had to fight for his scripts to see the light of day because they were filled with nudity, vulgarity and subjects that were taboo at the time. Bt it’s what makes Steven Bochco scripts so good and important, after all.

After the 90’s, Bochco never knew a success quite like the one of Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. He was suffering from leukaemia for many years and exaled his last breath on April 1st. According to his loved ones, Steven Bochco died peacfully, in his sleep and surrounded by his family. It’s a little confort compared to the death of one of the TV Shows pioneer.

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