Raising Dion : Alisha Wainwright and Ja’Siah Young are joining the show

Raising Dion : Alisha Wainwright and Ja'Siah Young are joining the show

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We recently learned that Michael B. Jordan, known for his role in Black Panther, was working on his own superhero show : Raising Dion. Now, the cast is getting clearer and clearer every day.

Raising Dion is following Nicole Reese, a former dancer who decided to quit her job after the death of her husband in order to raise her son. Nicole is having a hard time reconciling her husband’s death and all the responsibilities of being a single mother. Things don’t improve when Dion, Nicole’s son, starts to slowly develop magical and superhuman abilities. With the support of her best friend, Pat, Nicole is now trying to protect her son from an organization who wants to take Dion away in order to use his abilities, and to keep him away from the toxic and omnipresent journalists.

During the announcement concerning the creation of the show, we learned that Michael B. Jordan will be playing Mark, Nicole’s dead husband, and that his presence in the show will be sporadic as he will only be seen during flashbacks. We also learned the name of the actor who’s gonna play the nice and charismatic Pat : Jason Ritter. A few days after this announcement, 2 more names are now added to the cast.

Alisha Wainwright, known for the role of Maia Roberts in Shadowhunters, will be playing Nicole Reese. Overwhelmed by the events since her husband’s death, Nicole still stayed a strong, positive and cool woman, for her son’s benefit. Dion, Nicole’s son is gonna be portrayed by the young Ja’Siah Young. Dion is a 7-year-old little boy, smart, playful and curious, who has superhuman abilities, like moving things with his mind, for example.

In addition to these 2 actors, Seith Mann (The Breaks) will also be joining the team as an executive producer. He’ll also direct the first episode of the show.

Step by step the cast is growing and revealing itself. However the wait surrounding the show is far from over. Still, one thing is certain : Raising Dion is gonna have to face really high expectations when it will be aired.

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