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Black Mirror: season 5 available in December with an interactive episode

Black Mirror: season 5 available in December with an interactive episode

Published on 5 October 2018 by - Crédit Photo : DR

After a season 4 that divided people, Black Mirror is about to return on Netflix. Comprised of six episodes, the season 5 of Black Mirror is expected next December on the streaming platform and will offer an innovative experience with an interactive episode.

According to Bloomberg, viewers will be involved and will influence the scenario according to their choices. A familiar method to video game fans (we’re thinking in particular of the excellent Until Dawn) or people reading books ‘where you are the hero’.

For the moment, no detail has been revealed about the number or the importance of these choices but, knowing the show, they should be diffcult. The scenarios can be various depending on the options chosen so we will have to watch the episode several times. A good way to ensure a longer viewing time of Black Mirror.

If the Black Mirror format is well made for this type of episodes, it is not the first try for Netflix. Indeed, the streaming service had already proposed an interactive episode in his animated series The Adventures of Puss in Boots. According to Bloomberg, the experience could be made in other series too. Good news for those who want to be the hero of their favorite series.

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