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Black Mirror : Season 5 was announced

Black Mirror : Season 5 was announced

Published on 13 March 2018 by - Crédit Photo : Jonathan Prime / Netflix

Black Mirror’s fourth season ended not so long ago but we’re happy to announced that a new season is already on the work. The show received a worldwide ovation since its beginnings, but that last season divided the fans.

According to some viewers there were some episodes that didn’t live up to the hype of the show when other episodes were just as great as the rest of the show. At the light of the last season it’s hard to know what to expect from the season to come. Is the concept behind Black Mirror starting to struggle or was it just a faux pas that will be corrected in season 5 ? The question will remain unanswered until the fifth season has the chance to prove its worth.

It’s on Twitter that the new season was officially announced. A message was posted on the show’s Twitter account in the beginning of March. It said “The future will be brighter than ever” and this post was accompanied by a short video showing clips from previous episodes. At the end, the video announced “Only on Netflix. Be right back.”.

There’s no air date for the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix, for now but one thing is certain : we’ll have to wait until the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019 to discover this new season.

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