Most Popular Actors of 2021

Most Popular Actors of 2021

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The world of film and cinema came to an abrupt stop during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the closure of movie theatres, film fans were not able to see any new releases. This meant that popular upcoming titles had to be delayed until countries began to reopen. These implications were massive and really disrupted the schedules of major film companies. However, with most countries in the world opening cinemas again in the middle of 2021, films are being released as such.

So, the world has been craving new movies for almost two years; what do they have to deal with? Long-awaited titles such as Black Widow, No Time to Die, and The Conjuring 3 finally got released. These have been some of the most popular releases this year. However, what actors have stolen the limelight this year? Here is a breakdown of the most popular actors of 2021.

Daniel Craig

2021 would see Daniel Craig reprise his role as James Bond for the last time. With perhaps his best performance coming in the likes of Skyfall or Casino Royale. If you enjoyed his work in Casino Royale, you might want to play some online casino games yourself. You should check out some Lucky Nugget online pokies for your chance to bring out your inner James Bond.

Despite No Time to Die being his only release of 2021, he has become one of the most popular actors in the world since becoming the iconic character. He is also set to reprise his role as Benoit Blanc in 2022’s Knives Out 2.

Tom Holland

The latest Spider-Man has, without a shadow of a doubt, captured the hearts of many. He has been insanely active over the past few years, which has contributed to his success. Since 2020, he has starred in films such as The Devil All the Time, Dolittle, and Cherry. His role as Spider-Man in No Way Home, set to hit theatres in late 2021, is one of the most anticipated movies of the Marvel franchise.

Robert Pattinson

Known mostly for his role in the Twilight series, Pattinson’s return to acting has changed his career. He has starred in roles such as The Lighthouse, Tenet, and The Devil All the Time. All of which have contributed to his massive popularity. He will be the next Batman in one of the most anticipated movies of 2022. His recent work has shown off his wide ranging acting ability, with fans eager to see more from the Brit in the future.


Zendaya has really burst into the film industry following a young career on Disney Channel. She has since starred in roles in recent Spider-Man films, Euphoria and The Greatest Showman. In 2021, she will star in two of the biggest releases of the year. Dune and Spider-Man: No Way Home are set to rock the box office in 2021. There is no doubt that the actress’s stock will definitely rise following the release of these films.

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