From screen to your kitchen, the best tv show and movies recipes to cook during quarantine (or not)

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Staying home all day long often leads to snacking here and there. As a result in France, people gained around 5,5Ibs during the first quarantine. But it is really that important? Moreover, this new quarantine is the perfect occasion to try some recipes from your favorite movies and tv shows. So, hide your scale, grab your apron and we’re ready for a 100% cinephile menu, vegetarian-friendly and perfect for when you’re on a budget!

For the appetizer: Mother Gothel’s hazelnuts soup (because with this virus we’re are kinda like Rapunzel)

For 1L you’ll need :

  • 250g milled hazelnutsOne lettuce
  • A dab of butter
  • 500mL milk
  • 500mL chicken broth (or vegetable one)
  • 10cL fresh cream
  • One tablespoon of starch
  • Two egg yolks
  • Salt and pepper

1. We start by cooking the lettuce (yes…) with the butter, 1min30 in the micro-wave, full power before adding the hazelnuts, the milk, and the broth.
2. Blend everything for two minutes.
3. In another pot, dilute the starch with cream and the yolks and incorporate everything into the first mix.
4. Once seasoned and warmed as you like, bon appetit!

The main dish: Monica Geller’s Mac and Cheese (and you have to share it because your name isn’t Joey)

For 4 persons you’ll need :

  • 300g macaroni
  • 150g cheddar
  • 60g breadcrumbs
  • 40cL milk
  • 20g flour
  • 20g butter
  • One tablespoon of mustard
  • Salt

1. The first step, and not the least, it’s to cook your pasta. You just have to follow the instructions on the box (or you ask your parents if the kitchen is for you as mystical as a library is to Joey).
2. In another pot you cook the sauce: melt the butter with the flour while adding milk little by little. Once the sauce is a bit thick, add mustard, salt, and 100g of cheddar. The mix has to be uniform when you remove it from the fire.
3. Mix the sauce and the macaroni and pour everything in a gratin dish you’ll cover with breadcrumbs and the 50g cheddar left.
4. 30 min in the oven, 356F and it’s done!


For dessert: Tiana’s donuts (the poor girl would have no chance to open her restaurant nowadays…)

For 25 donuts you’ll need :

  • 550g flour
  • A sachet of baking powder
  • A pinch of salt
  • 60g sugar
  • An egg
  • A glass of milk
  • 30g soften butter
  • Oil for frying
  • Icing sugar for decoration

1. In a bowl pour the flour and baking powder, salt then sugar, and mix with a wooden spoon.
2. Make a small well in which you’ll pour the eggs and milk. Now it’s a bit tricky: you need to mix, starting from the center and by bringing the flour from the sides, little by little to make a rather sticky dough. Small tip, cut your nails before because the dough is a trap…
3. When it starts to look like a bulk, flour your working area and work to make the dough into a ball.
Knead it for at least 5 minutes to make it uniform and add the butter bit by bit. And here we go again, kneading for 10 minutes more to make a smooth, almost elastic dough.
4. Buttered the bowl and put the dough back on it to let rise for two hours.
5. Fold the dough (youtube is your friend, it’ll probably be easier than you trying to read a very easy technic really hard to explain) and let it rise again for one hour in the fridge.
6. In a fry-pan heat the oil while you cut the donuts. Spread the dough for it to be half a centimeter thick and cut 5 centimeters squares.
Plunge them in the oil (beware of the splashes) for around two minutes on each side and drain them once cooked before putting them on absorbent paper.
Now you just have to add some icing sugar and it’s ready!


To drink: Butterbeer (because pubs are closed so we have to bring the Three Broomsticks to us)

For one big pint you’ll need :

  • 33cL beer (with or without alcohol)
  • One teaspoon of brown sugar
  • A big dab of butter
  • Whipped cream (or cream and sugar)
  • Spices that you like (ginger, cinnamon, clove…)
  • Bonus, maple syrup

In a pot melt the butter and add the beer, sugar, syrup, and spices.
Once it’s boiling, stop the fire and pour in a glass. A bit of whipped cream on top and it’s done. Easy but magical.


As a side or to snack whenever you want: Elven Lembas Bread (because you’ll try not to end quarantine like Gollum in his cave)

To feed the Fellowship :

  • 3 eggs
  • 25cL honey
  • 2 teaspoons orange blossom or rose water
  • 85g chopped almonds
  • 6cL melted butter
  • 500g flour
  • Half teaspoon salt

1. While the oven heats (356F), mix honey, flower water, butter, and almonds, preferably with a robot or a blender.
2. Add 250g of flour and mix again before pouring in a pot where you add more flour and salt. Once it’s uniform, pour into small molds. You can also cut everything after it’s cooked, as you prefer.
Cook for 10 minutes, when it’s heavenly golden, it’s ready!

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