Stefan Kapicic confirms the X-Force movie during Comic Con Paris 2018

Stefan Kapicic confirms the X-Force movie during Comic Con Paris 2018

Photo: Roster Con

Guest of Comic Con Paris 2018, Stefan Kapicic, the actor playing Colossus in the Deadpool saga, share confidences in front of a full room.

The Serbian actor, who speaks both English and Russian, said he signed for 4 movies with FOX. After participating in the first two parts of Deadpool, he is still linked with the studio for two projects. One of them will be the X-Force movie as confirmed by Stefan Kapicic during his Q&A session. As a reminder, the members of the X-Force were introduced in Deadpool 2 during a first mission that went very quickly. Among its members, we can mention Deadpool, Cable or Domino. Stefan Kapicic said Deadpool 3 was still relevant despite Disney’s takeover of the Fox. Stefan also said he should be a part of the project again.

This panel was also an opportunity for the actor to make the public understand that a big announcement around the X-Men should be made next year. Will Professor Xavier’s superheroes team up with Deadpool or will they be integrated with the rest of the MCU? We will still have to be patient but the fans were swept away by the various revelations of the Serbian actor.

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