Stanislav Yanevski (Viktor Krum): Quidditch, Hermione… A look back on his panel during the #WTTMS4

Stanislav Yanevski (Viktor Krum): Quidditch, Hermione... A look back on his panel during the #WTTMS4

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Leading figure in Quidditch, Durmstrang’s champion, Viktor Krum or rather the actor playing him, Stanislav Yanevski, was in Paris on January 13 and 14 to meet his French fans during the Welcome To The Magic School 4 convention. Photos, autographs and, of course, Q&A happened. A look back on the revelations of the Bulgarian actor during this “Potteresque” weekend.

Stanislav Yanevski, Quidditch lover

If during filming, being on a broom was not very pleasant (especially for men) and they had to be very imaginative, Stanislav Yanevski remains a staunch defender of Quidditch. From the beginning of the Q&A, he told the fans that Quidditch is one of his favorite sports. In addition, the Bulgarian actor has already had the opportunity to see Quidditch matches with Muggles and he loves it. He likes to see that a fictional sport has managed to take place in the “real world” and that national and world competitions are organized.

And if you ask him what his position would be if he played Quidditch, the answer is clear: seeker. Why ? Because in this position he would have important responsabilities just like it was the case when he played rugby.

Stanislav Yanevski and the Cup of Fire

During his Q&A, the actor playing Viktor Krum mentioned his experience on the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He talked about the course of his casting which was very unlikely. The Bulgarian actor told the fans that he was in the same school as Harry Melling (read the report of his Q&A) when producers of the film came in looking for actors. Very late, he ran into one of the Harry Potter team members and that’s how he was spotted. After missing three auditions, the production ended up sending a car to his house to make sure he was coming for the audition. The team does not seem to held grundges since he is the one who finally got the role.

The labyrinth scene, one of the most stressful tasks of the Goblet Fire, was mentionned twice by Stan Yanevski. This is the first scene he shot for the movie and despite the feeling of oppression and the lugubrious atmosphere, it remains one of his favorite scene. This scene is also the moment of the fight between Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson), Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and his character. A fight that did not seem real enough to the taste of David Yates who did not hesitate to shake them in order to show them what he expected of them.

During the shooting, one of the hardest scene to shoot was the second task in the lake. Stanislav Yanevski, who told us that the swimsuit was the best costume he ever wore on set because, for once, he was not warm, had a lot of difficulties in the pool that was set up for this scene. In addition to the cloudy water, the walls of the pool were covered with mirrors. Both, made it very disturbing to situate oneself in space. In addition to that, the shark mask he was wearing left him with not a lot of visibility which accentuated the difficulty to do this scene.

Viktor Krum et Hermione Granger

Stan Yanevski‘s solo Q&A was also an opportunity to talk about the Viktor – Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) relationship. He told the fans that, for him, if Viktor was a student of Hogwarts, he would probably be among the Gryffindors to be close to Hermione. The Bulgarian actor talked also about several scenes where both characters are present.

Concerning the ballroom scene, he said that, for him, it was an incredible moment and a very festive one thanks to the athmosphere on set. Emma Watson and him had two weeks to learn the steps of the dance but, While Emma Watson and him had two weeks to learn the steps of the dance, Stanislav Ianevski said they made mistakes in the steps several times during the shooting but it’s not visible in the final version of the movie..

He also added that Viktor and Hermione had an extra scene together during the wedding of Bill Weasley (Domhnall Gleeson) and Fleur Delacour (Clémence Poésy). During the evening, the wizard invite Hermione to dance Hermione while Ron (Rupert Grint), jealous, watched them. However, this love triangle was not right fot the atmosphere according to David Yates and that’s why the scene was cut at the editing.

More info

  • At first, he didn’t take the role too seriously but after reading the books, he realized the importance of his character.
  • For him, the words that define best Viktor are supreme, hero (because of Quidditch) and kind (for his relationship with Hermione).
  • His favorite movie is the 4th because he’s in it and because new characters are introduced.
  • If he were a Hogwarts student, he would be in Ravenclaw because he’s as smart as them or he would be in Slytherin because he has a lot of friends there.
  • During the shooting, James and Oliver Phelps put vinegar in his yogurt as a joke. He didn’t even notice and ate everything. He even told us that he liked it and the twins were very surprised by that.
  • During the convention, Stan Yanevski thought he was in the Great Hall of Hogwarts because of the number of fans in uniform and because People Conventions’ staff wore wizard cloaks. He appreciates the efforts made to create the cosplays.
  • Stan Yanevski read several fanfictions including one where Krum steals Hermione from Ron.
  • The Bulgarian actor never went to “The Making of Harry Potter – London Studio Tour” but told the fans to go to Orlando.
  • His family didn’t want to believe he was going to shoot in Harry Potter until the studios asked him to actually come for the shooting.
  • Stan Yanevski has just finished shooting a movie and he is also shooting a lot of small videos for his social medias accounts especially when he is in conventions. He is going to start soon a show for YouTube. It’s going to be a comedy.
  • The Bulgarian actor would do, without a doute, another Hostel movie and he would like a lot to be able to play in the saga Saw.
  • Stan Ianveski paints (especially outdoor and nature paintings) and then puts his works on auction.

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