TOP 10 useless things learned in Friends

TOP 10 useless things learned in Friends

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Useless, useless… not so useless! While the reunion between the actors of the series Friends was shot a few days ago in the United States, and we are now waiting for a broadcast date, let’s look back at all the information learned during the 10 seasons of the series Friends.

1. Stick your book in the freezer if you’re too scared while reading it.

Friends – Season 3, episode 13

2. The hug and roll technique to have space while sleeping.

Friends – Season 3, episode 3

3. Not sleep with someone if you’re on a break (and even less with the girl from the copy place).

Friends – Season 3, episode 15-16

4. A chick can get into a VCR. Information not verified with DVD players.

Friends – Season 3, episode 19

5. It’s possible to die twice.

Friends – season 1, episode 8

6. Never believe anything/anyone while playing poker.

Friends – season 1, episode 18

7. What’s a W.E.N.U.S (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistic) and an A.N.U.S (Anual Net Usage Statistics).

Friends – season 1, episode 15

8. No uterus, no opinion.

Friends – season 8, episode 14

9. It’s possible to have dinosaurs on our checkbook.

Friends – season 2, episode 14

10. Condoms are the way to repopulate the earth.

Friends – season 5, episode 5

Interesting, no? Feel free to share with us in comments the things you have learned in Friends. We may very well do a second part to this article.

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