“Sweet Tooth”: the adaptation into a series becomes a reality

"Sweet Tooth": the adaptation into a series becomes a reality

Photo: Kirsty Griffn / Netflix

Some time ago, we announced the TV series adaptation of “Sweet Tooth”, the comic book signed by Jeff Lemire. Scheduled to be released on June 4 on Netflix, the program is slowly revealing itself to future viewers.

Some will be waiting for it impatiently, others will discover it by chance, the TV series adaptation of “Sweet Tooth” will be available on Netflix on June 4. Based on the comic book of the same name by Jeff Lemire, the series, produced by Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr. will tell the story of Gus, a hybrid being, half boy, half deer. This metamorphosis, Gus owes it to a pandemic that struck the Earth a decade ago. It is now up to him to find the answers, in the company of other young people who have suffered the same fate as him, in a devastated America.

The first images

To announce the series, and especially to conquer future fans, Netflix has revealed a first trailer of “Sweet Tooth”. We see Christian Convery in the main role, but also Adeel Akhtar, Nonso Anozie or Will Forte.

The official trailer

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