“The Dishwasher” becomes “Bluebird” on the big screen

"The Dishwasher" becomes "Bluebird" on the big screen

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L’ouvrage de Dannie M.Martin, « L’homme de plonge », s’embarque dans une nouvelle aventure sous la forme d’un film sur grand écran. Baptisé « Bluebird » et réalisé par Jérémie Guez, il sera visible en salles le 10 juin prochain.

Dannie M. Martin‘s book, “The Dishwasher”, now embarks on a new adventure in the form of a movie on the big screen. The film will be called “Bluebird”, directed by Jérémie Guez, and will be released in theatres on June 10 (France).

“The Dishwasher “ is the story of Bill Malone, a former convict aspiring to live a quiet life in California. While waiting to get back on his feet, he ends up in a motel, where he lets himself be tamed by the manager, Gail, and her teenage daughter, June. There, Bill even accepts a job as a dishwasher. But one day, June is victim of an aggression and that sets in motion a whole chain of events.

A first film directing

Following the success of the novel by Dannie M. Martin, who is himself a former inmate, Jérémie Guez, known for being a brilliant novelist, decided to bring this story to the screen under the title “Bluebird”. This will be his very first film directing. On June 10 (France), viewers will be able to discover Bill Malone’s adventures in theatres. The film will be brought to the screen by Roland Moller, Lola Le Lann and Veerle Baetens.

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