Once Upon A Time : Jared Gilmore will be back in season 7

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Once Upon A Time finale is close and Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis announced that some characters will be back for the last episode. They said : “Once is home to everyone, and there’s an open invitation for every actor who has been on the show to come back in the finale, so we’ll see who is available”. While we’re still waiting to know who’s gonna be back for the finale, the return of Jared Gilmore, who plays Henry Mills, has already been confirmed and we’ll be able to see him come back on the 20th episode of this season.

This come back is the perfect occasion to see, once again, the amazing duo formed by Jared Gilmore and Lana Parrilla (the actress who plays Regina Mills). That’s why Edward Kitsis announced that this will be a “really sweet, emotional mother-son story” that we will discover through flashbacks and not during the actual timeline because the adult version of Henry isn’t played by Jared Gilmore but by Andrew J. West since the beginning of season 7.

Once Upon A Time will be airing again on March 2nd and will last 12 more episodes. After that we’ll have to say goodbye to Storybrooke and Hyperion Heights.

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