4 or 5 claps in the Friends theme song ? Funny answer by Matt LeBlanc

4 or 5 claps in the Friends theme song ? Funny answer by Matt LeBlanc

Crédit Photo : Screencapture from Youtube

A very important question was asked to Matt LeBlanc during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon : how many “claps” are there in the Friends Theme Song ? Answer in video

The actor who played Joey for 10 years in the TV show Friends, gave a funny answer to the question asked by Jimmy Fallon, the american comedian and television host.

Matt LeBlanc, convinced that there are 5 claps in I’ll be there for you will changed his mind after the explanation of the American tv host. Let’s watch the clip :

And just for our pleasure, the complete clip of Friends played by The Rembrandts. Do not forget to “clap clap clap clap”!

Published on 26 January 2019 by - Last update : 26 January 2019

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