Robert Carlyle : “I’ll miss Rumplestiltskin very very much”

Robert Carlyle : "I'll miss Rumplestiltskin very very much"

Photo: Roster Con

In Paris for the Once Upon A Time convention by People Convention, Robert Carlyle talked with us about the end of the series and his feeling after 7 years playing the role of  the Darkness, Rumplestiltskin.

When did you learn it was going to be the end of Once Upon A Time ?

I had a feeling the show was going to be in trouble around christmas time. I remember thinking it was probably not going to go again. It was a feeling and I think the audience figured that out. It had been up and down a bit around that period but I couldn’t see it progressing past seven. I hoped that it would but then we found out around february that is was going to end. It was devastating for people, they were surprised but I certainly was not. You never get surprised at anything in this business.

But there is disappointment because I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve enjoyed working with Adam and Eddy in particular. I hoped that relationship could continue. I was also disappointed for my personnal life as well because I was over there, in Vancouver, with my wife and kids. They were schooled there and suddently we have to go back to the UK. So it’s been a sad time for us.

Did you think it was the right moment to end the show ?

It’s hard to say. I guess if it hadn’t ended now maybe next year… I genuinely don’t know. I think it’s always the audience that can decide these things. if the audience has not chosen to save it, it’s probably it so therefore it was it.

Did you do everything you wanted to do as Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold ?

Yeah definitly. I’ll miss Rumplestiltskin very very much because he is a fantastic character and fantastically well written by the guys. I’ll miss that but I won’t miss the energy that takes to character that part. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that but it need an awful lot of energy to play that part and it was very difficult to do these long scenes. Generaly Rumplestiltskin scenes were 3 to 4 pages of dialogue. It takes an awful lot of energy to do that. I’m glad not to be stuck in that make up, wearing these contact lenses, these boots, staying with that stuff on my face for 16 to 17 hours a day. I won’t miss that (laugh).

Now that it’s over, do you have regrets for your character ?

No I don’t think so. It was funny, I always thought it had to be either : Rumplestiltskin gets off further in the darkness or he dies and goes to Belle. That was the choices. One of those had been made (laugh).

What do you feel when you look back on those 7 years in Once Upon A Time ?

I feel surprised that it lasted for as long as it did, I didn’t expect that. I thought it would go for 2 or 3 years just like most of the show does. But the fact that it went for 7 years is remarkable. It’s a fantastic 7 years… and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it.

Can you tell us how was the last day of shooting ?

Very sad. Everyone knew 6 weeks before the end that it was over but it’s only when you get into the final week that you think that it’s a reality now. And the last day, when you film the last scene… When I was finished there was one more scene to go so I was packing up my trailer and suddently I heard that was a wrap so I left the studio, went throught the gate and when the gate shut though… that was it…

Now that Once Upon A Time is over, are you still going to do conventions ?

No I don’t think so. I did it for a couple of years when people had the appetite for the show. If there is still appetite for it, then perhaps but if not, I probably won’t.

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