The Nanny: Fran Drescher brings up again a possible reboot

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The 90’s cult series “The Nanny” might steal the scene again. Its heroine Fran Drescher has indeed expressed her wish to bring the show back to life. A reboot could be produced soon.

Remember 20 years ago when The Nanny used to rhythm our time in front of the television. Fran, whose job was to do door-to-door to sell cosmetics, finds herself a nanny in Maxwell Sheffield’s family, who is a musical producer. As a widowed and a father of three children, he needs daily help to take care of them. The series ultimately consists of 146 episodes. Today, the American show might live again through a reboot.

A more mature nanny

The heroine of the series Fran Drescher expressed her wish to bring the show back to life. The one who will celebrate her 60th birthday this year sees her comeback very well with her other classmates. However, Yeta, the grandmother played by Ann Morgan, will not be included as she died in 2016 at the age of 87. Discussions are rife with the co-creator of the series Peter Marc Jacobson, who is also Fran Drescher’s former husband. The only certain thing regarding this possible reboot is a more mature nanny and episodes that will cover current topics such as the environment and social rights.

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