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Stranger Things : Netflix reveals season 3 date

Stranger Things : Netflix reveals season 3 date

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Netflix told on New Year’s Eve the release date of Stranger Things Season 3. The appointment is made for July 2019.

After Christmas in season 1, Halloween in season 2, it’s going to be the summer holidays for the season 3 of Stranger Things. It will take place during the summer of 1985 and to be linked with the TV series, Netflix decided to broadcast the new episodes in July 2019. But not at any date in july since the streaming service chose July 4, the day of the Independence in the United States and a holiday.

To announce the news, Netflix revealed a teaser taking place during New Year’s Eve and it gives a lot of hints for the next season. We can see, for example, the appearance of the message : “When Blue and Yellow Meet in the West ” on a screen or the scream of someone when the New Year’s countdown reaches “Eleven”.

Netflix also revealed a poster for this new season. We can see on it the gang with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Will (Noah Schnapp) looking behind them scared, while admiring the traditional July 4th firework. At the top of the poster, a message is written : “a summer can change everything”.

Published on 2 January 2019 by - Last update : 4 January 2019

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