Roster Con launches its 2020 Series tournament

Roster Con launches its 2020 Series tournament

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Do you miss the conventions? We do too! While waiting to relive these special experiences, we propose to brighten up your summer with our series tournament. Which show will be your favorite among the 32 contenders? Find out on September 3rd.

Final: Shadowhunters vs Once Upon A Time

Third place playoff: The 100 vs Supernatural

1/2 Finals #2: Supernatural vs Once Upon A Time

1/2 Finals #1: The 100 vs Shadowhunters

1/4 Finals #4: Once Upon A Time vs Teen Wolf

1/4 Finals #3: Outlander vs Shadowhunters

1/4 Finals #2: Supernatural vs One Tree Hill

1/4 Finals #1: The 100 vs Charmed

1/8 Finals #8: Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Teen Wolf

1/8 Finals #7: Shadowhunters vs La Casa de Papel

1/8 Finals #6: One Tree Hill vs Stranger Things

1/8 Finals #5: The Flash vs Charmed

1/8 Finals #4 : Once Upon A Time vs The Vampire Diaries

1/8 Finals #3 : Game of Thrones vs Outlander

1/8 Finals #2: Supernatural vs Riverdale

1/8 Finals #1: The 100 vs Prison Break

Match 16: Teen Wolf vs SKAM France

Match 15: Lucifer vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Match 14: Reign vs La Casa de Papel

Match 13: Shadowhunters vs The Walking Dead

Match 12: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina vs Stranger Things

Match 11: One Tree Hill vs Grey’s Anatomy

Match 10: Arrow vs Charmed

Match 9: Wynonna Earp vs The Flash

Match 8: Pretty Little Liars vs Vampire Diaries

Match 7: Once Upon A Time vs Gossip Girl

Match 6: The Originals vs Outlander

Match 5: Supergirl vs Game of Thrones

Match 4: Beverly Hills vs Riverdale

Match 3: Supernatural vs Doctor Who

Match 2: Smallville vs Prison Break

Match 1: The 100 vs Vikings

Which series are competing?

To choose the 32 series that will compete in our first tournament, we initially listed the 100 series with the most conventions at Roster Con or with a very active fandom on our website and social networks. The members of our team then awarded points to each of them and the 32 most popular series are now part of the final draw of this first edition of the series tournament. Which are they? Let’s find out without further ado:

How will the Roster Con Series tournament unfold?

The 32 selected series have been randomly divided into four pools of 8. The duels of the first round have also been randomly selected. The result: you can expect big duels from the very beginning of the tournament, we can promise you that! You’ll have to be ready to support your favorite series from the very beginning of the competition if you want to see it go as far as possible.

But more precisely, how can you support your favorite series? It’s simple: by voting for it! We’ll be conducting polls on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our website for each duel. Vote for your favorite series and the one with the most votes will keep heading towards the final, which will be held on September 1, 2020.

Here below you will find the different rounds that could help your favorite series to win the title:

  • From July 20 to August 10: Series duels will be held from Monday to Friday to determine which of the lucky series will reach the eighth-finals.
  • From August 11th to 21th: sixteen series will compete in a duel to reach the quarter-finals.
  • From August 24 to 27: the eight remaining series will attempt to reach the semi-finals.
  • August 28 and 31: the semi-finals will be in full swing. Who will go to the final?
  • September 1st: The losers of the semi-finals will compete for a place on the podium of the series tournament.
  • September 2: The battle to decide your favorite series will end with a final duel that promises to be truly epic.
  • September 3: The winner of the 2020 Series tournament will be announced.

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