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Noah Schnapp talks about Stranger Things

Noah Schnapp talks about Stranger Things

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During the Stranger Fan meet organized by the French organization People Convention, a lot of questions obviously revolved around the series that made Noah Schnapp known to the general public: Stranger Things. Let’s take a look on the answers given by the actor.

His character Will

If he considers himself both very similar (“Will have a brother, I have a sister“) and very different from his character Will Byers, Noah Schnapp admitst that it’s this difference that makes, for him, the character of Will very interesting and ‘challenging’ to play. Especially in season 2: “There was so much things I had to do and wasn’t expecting. Fox example, I had to fall on the ground and have a seizure. I’ve never seen or experienced anyone having a seizure so I was a little nervous when I read the script but also a little excited. I remember preparing for the role by looking on Youtube people having seizures to see what happens to them when they go through that.” He goes on explaining that shooting scenes like this can be very intimidating on a film set: “falling on the ground and start crying while everyone is silently looking at you with cameras around you, people whispering… It can be tough. I did my best and I think it turned out well. “

We also learned from the Q&A that Noah first auditioned for Mike’s role before being chosen for his current role. Mike, a character he considers to be Will’s closest friend: “He is his best friend, he relies on him for everything. They get along very well and they’re super close.” He adds, “When Will feels alone and doesn’t have anyone to talk to or when he feels like nobody understand him or believe him he has Mike to talk to.” Noah also confessed that if he wasn’t playing Will he would love to play Eleven or Dustin: “my favorite characters”.

His favorite scene

To shoot, without a doubt for him, the one where Will is in the field screaming at the monster “it was so exhilarating and fun to film “. And to watch? He mentionned the scene where Bob dies : “It’s just that I like death scenes because they are so sad. I like crying when I watch something. I love crying.” Why not…

The “ships” from Stranger Things

Like everyone else, Noah has his preferences in relationships established or not in the series. Between the kids: Mileven, Mike and Eleven. Between the teenagers “a lot of people like Jancy (Jonathan and Nancy) but I like Stancy (Steve and Nancy) better”. And finally with the adults, no doubt for him, he ships 100% Joyce and Hopper!

His relationships with the other actors from Stranger Things

It was Caleb that Noah first met during the auditions: “It was at the end of the auditioning process. They send me to LA to do chemistry reads and  I met Caleb there. We went swimming together at the pool and we got along very well. I remember hoping that he was going to get the part so we could work together.” During the Q&A, Noah also had a few words about Millie Bobby Brown following a question asking him which cast member is the most annoying on set “but not in a bad way, in the good way”. Diplomatically, he said, “Millie is great. I love Millie and we have a lot of fun on set but we can annoy each other a lot sometimes.”

He also said that at the end of the season all the actors had a sleepover: “it was nice because we were all together and we had a lot of fun”. If we still had doubts about the good relationships between the actors, Noah told a second anecdote where all the actors went together to Six flags: “we went on the craziest rides”. For him, it’s very nice to be able to work with people he likes so much and with whom he gets along so well “we have fun all the time on the set“.

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