Jessie Cave: Lavender could have become like Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter

Jessie Cave: Lavender could have become like Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter

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On January 13th and 14th, 2018, the Potterheads were able to meet Harry Potter’s actors during the Welcome To The Magic School 4 convention organized by People Convention. Jessie Cave, the actor playing Lavender Brown, was there. A look back on the answers of the actress.

An actress quite similar to her character

During the Welcome To The Magic School 4 convention, Jessie Cave was so much like her character, LavenderBrown. Just like her, Jessie Cave appreciates Professor Trelawney a lot and she thinks that if Lavender had not died she would have become like the Hogwarts divination teacher. The British actress also considers that, if she had been a witch, she could have had the same predispositions for divination as her character.

Despite a look quite similar to her character, Jessie Cave said she was not behind the choice of costumes for Lavender Brown. The actress has nevertheless brought two elements to her character wardrobe: the headband in her hair and a necklace she wore at the time of her audition and which was used for her character.

The actress, who auditioned only for this role, thinks that Lavender Brown is not loved by the fans because they want to see Ron and Hermione together. However she never had the same feeling while reading the books and just considers that the behavior of Lavender is the one of a typical teenager. Regarding the love life of her character, Jessie Cave admitted, during her Q&A, that she would have liked to see Lavender and Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton in the movies) together because she thinks they have a good chemistry.

Jessie Cave and her memories from shooting

This Harry Potter weekend was the opportunity to chat with Jessie Cave about her filming memories. During her solo panel, the actress revealed that one of her best memories was to watch the comings and goings of her colleagues through the window of her trailer. Subsequently, she spoke more seriously about the kiss on the stairs with Rupert Grint explaining that she was so afraid of falling that the team has put up, to reassure her, a trampoline at the bottom of the stairs in case of a fall. She also took the opportunity to say that Rupert Grint was a very bad kisser before saying that she was joking and that it was her best kiss.

Jessie Cave also spoke during her Q&A about the fight scene when she dies during the last movie. It was pretty dangerous to shoot for her because she was wearing lenses and not glasses and had dust constantly in her eyes. It was difficult for the actress to know where she was and to run but she still thinks that this experience was fun.

More info

– Lavender Brown’s interpreter is very fond of Hedwig’s theme song. She even has the song in one of her playlists. Whenever this music plays, she can not help shouting “I was in Harry Potter”.
– Her favorite movie of the saga is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
– Just like a fan from the audience, her favorite line of Lavender Brown is “Won-Won”.
– If Jessie Cave had the option to choose a Deathly Hallow, she would choose the Invisibility Cloak. And she would use it right now, to hide during her Q&A.
– The actress is happy that the studios kept the Harry Potter the same. She has already been to “The Making of Harry Potter – Studio Tour London”.
– She never took an acting class before getting her role in Harry Potter.
Jessie Cave shot a video for her YouTube channel with Anna Popplewell, an actress she finds very kind. She was happy to have worked with her because she loves Narnia.
– Drawing allows the actress to express herself, to talk about her anxieties. She is inspired by love and family. The parts she gets in movies and TV series allow her to always draw and act, she doesn’t have to chose one or another.
– Following a fan’s question about TV shows she would recommend to watch, Jessie Cave says Friends giggling while asking if the fans know the show.
– She made an appearance in an episode of Black Mirror. She was surprised that the production came to her for this role but the actress is very happy with this experience.
Jessie Cave is always surprised to see how many fanfictions there are about the Harry Potter universe.
– The actress really enjoyed her time during the party at People Convention event and was touched by how much Harry Potter still has an impact on the lives of some fans.

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