“La Dictatrice” is getting ready to become a TV series

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Sorti en janvier dernier aux éditions Flammarion, le roman “La Dictatrice” a suscité l’intérêt de nombreux producteurs pour être adapté en série TV. C’est finalement Fox Extented Network qui en a obtenu les droits. Diane Ducret, l’auteure, fera partie de l’équipe de production.

Since its release last January, the novel “La Dictatrice” has attracted the interest of several producers for its adaptation as a TV series. Fox Extended Network finally obtained the rights. Diane Ducret, the author, will be part of the production team.

Less than six months after its release in bookstores, the book “La Dictatrice”, written by Diane Ducret, will once again be in the news, and for a good reason: Fox Extended Network has just acquired the rights to adapt it into a television series, among many other interested parties. The writer, who is already known for having produced several films, will be part of the production team. While the number of episodes has not yet been announced, the casting is being prepared.

A very popular story

A brief recap of the story published by Flammarion Editions: A revolt is brewing in Europe. In 2023, in Munich, a mass demonstration takes place, during which Aurore Henri throws a cobblestone in the face of a Head of State. So begins the political rise of a woman considered as an authoritarian. Diane Ducret admitted having an idea of who could play the main character, but preferred to prolong the suspense.

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