Comic Con Paris 2018 : two actors from Harry Potter are gonna be there on Saturday, October 27

Photo: France Knaff - Roster Con / Gavin Prest


Magic will be included at Comic Con Paris 2018 with the presence of two actors from the Harry Potter saga. In partnership with L’armoire Geek, the organizers of the parisian event invited Josh Herdman and Adrian Rawlins. The first played Gregory Goyle, one of Draco Malefoy’s friend, in the movies and the second played James Potter, the late father of the famous wizard.

Josh Herdman is also known for the role of Eric in Marcella or Ben in UgetMe. As for Adrian Rawlins, he has a prolific career on British television and played in Girlfriends, Innocent, Hard Sun, The White Princess, Dickensian, From Darkness or Prisoners Wives, among others.

The two actors will be placed directly at the stand of L’armoire Geek, in Comic Con Paris.

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