Dakota Johnson, future heroine of “Persuasion”

Dakota Johnson, future heroine of "Persuasion"

Photo: Universal Pictures International France

Revealed by the saga “50 shades of Grey”, Dakota Johnson continues her film career by joining the cast of “Persuasion”, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Jane Austen. A movie that will be available soon on Netflix.

Going from the BDSM world to Jane Austen‘s is a big step. Dakota Johnson, the star of “50 Shades of Grey”, leaves erotic scenes and sexual submission to star in the next adaptation of the novel “Persuasion” by Jane Austen. On the agenda, no Christian Grey and no red room, but a touch of feminism and a hint of romance. The adaptation, signed by Netflix guarantees a modern adaptation of this iconic English story. We can say goodbye to the costumes, the frills and maybe even the manners.

An adaptation for 2022

Published in 1817 after the author’s death, “Persuasion” tells the story of Anne Elliott, a young middle-class woman, whose fortune is decreasing day by day. Initially engaged to Frederick, her family decided to put an end to their relationship, claiming that he was too poor. But today, Anne is determined to let her feelings win over money. Scheduled to air in 2022, the future adaptation has not yet revealed all its secrets and Dakota Johnson‘s on-screen partner is still a mystery.

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