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Quiz: Don’t forget the line !

The Curse of the Black Pearl «This is the day you will always remember as the day you... ...finally destroyed the ring. » ...almost caught Captain Jack...

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Five movies to watch when you need a boost

It's cold and grey, the night is falling early, the mood is strange, far from cheerful Christmas movies full of fun. This year, the...

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Melanie Martinez, After School EP, the bottom of the class?

Now that she's at the end of the K-12's era (you should really watch this movie available on youtube), Melanie Martinez released a few...

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The Quarantined Quiz

How old is Rapunzel when she leaves the tower for the first time? 16 years old 18 years old 21 years old Correct! Wrong! In The Lord of the Rings,...

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From screen to your kitchen, the best tv show and movies recipes to cook during quarantine (or not)

Staying home all day long often leads to snacking here and there. As a result in France, people gained around 5,5Ibs during the first...

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