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The Greatest Novels and Stories which Feature Gambling

There is that famous saying that "Life imitates art"; however, the exact opposite can be said. In fact, some of the greatest stories that...

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How Your Favorite Comic Book Characters are represented in Games

While comic books have been around for about a century, they have never found themselves as heavily cemented in mass popular culture as now....

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Exhausted Netflix? Activities at Home to Stop Boredom

One of the greatest inventions during the digital age is undoubtedly Netflix. Whether you want to watch an award-winning animated film from the acclaimed...

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5 great films that have left a lasting legacy

A legacy is something that most politicians crave to leave behind, and fortunately it’s generally within their powers to achieve this. But for a...

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Breaking Bad: A movie focused on Jesse Pinkman in October 2019 on Netflix

Breaking Bad, a series adored by many people, will shortly be back on Netflix in the form of a movie titled El Camino: A...

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