Tell me which show you’re watching and I’ll tell you what aesthetic you’re matching.

Tell me which show you're watching and I'll tell you what aesthetic you're matching.

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We’re seeing aesthetics everywhere these days, on Tik Tok, Instagram, even in youtube’s playlist. If some are more famous than others it is often thanks to popular tv shows or influencers on social media. So today it’s quite simple: tell me which show you enjoy the most and I’ll tell you what to add to your wardrobe.

Bridgerton, Reign (or any show that involves crowns): Royalcore

It’s currently THE trending style. Gowns, gold jewels, button-up jackets, or ruffle collar shirt, and you’re ready to run over the ballroom or the garden of your castle. Not the easiest aesthetic to wear in everyday life it is however less difficult to add some in your closet without looking like a fallen With the big comeback of corset for women, we can only wish you good luck.

Photo : Liam Daniel/Netflix

Penny Dreadful, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (or any show with ancient spells): Witchy Academia

Black, capes, and a bit of drama, that’s your thing. You probably know how to read tarot (or at least you wish) and you’re wearing a medal around your neck. It’s a rather easy style to wear depending on where you live and the season even if it can sometimes draw some dubious look. But you don’t care, the first who’ll comment will become a frog.

Photo : Jeff Weddell/Netflix

Stranger Things, Friends (or any show where the walkman was a thing): Vintage

You love the 80s and 90s. Mom jeans, shirts tucked in your pants and bright colors are the basis. Very often enjoyed by everyone (for different reasons) it’s a common aesthetic, pretty easy to wear. Okay, if you decide to style your neon tights with your bright blue leotard people may laugh a bit but who cares?

Photo : Netflix

Anne with an E, The Little House on the Prairie (or any show that make you want to have a picnic in a field): Cottagecore

This is my personal favorite, a style that smells flowers and spring. Brown, green, cream with flowy and simple material, it’s the perfect look for a walk in the woods. You’re dreaming of a cute house with a vegetable patch and some sheep, of cooking pies with fruits from your orchard but we all know that you won’t be able to live without wifi.

Photo : Netflix

Doctor Who, Black Mirror (or any show that show you the future): Cyberprep

Not the most famous style these days but fashion always change we all know that. Far away from vintage things, you love modernity (a bit too much sometimes). Harness inspired by punks, neon colors, and fancy glasses, you look straight outta Tron. You’re obviously earning extra points if you are computing or technological genius.

Downtown Abbey, Gran Hotel (or any show with a historical and fancy ambient): Dark/Light Academia

You’ll probably have another cup of tea, my dear? If you’re not British you’re probably frustrated and envious of these gorgeously fancy outfits, not easy to work with. So to compensate you chose straight cut, creamy or brown colors, and of course the sleek suit jacket. Brown boots at your feet you’re striding bookshop and cobbled streets (asphalt is mainstream), wishing for autumn to come back.

Photo :  ITV

Las Chicas del Cable, Peaky Blinders (or any show where women have bobbed hairstyles): Art Deco

Vintage again but this time it’s even older because what you like are the 20s and 30s. Okey, morals were awful but fashion… If you prefer masculine clothes you obviously own a hat, maybe a Fedora or a Borsalino. If you’re more feminine, (fake) fur and a Flapper dress are your things. It’s not common to cross someone with this style in the street but let’s be honest, it’s awesome.

Photo : Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

Gossip Girl, Scream Queens (or any show that triggers complexes about your wardrobe): Vintage Parisian.

The more expensive it looks, the better. No matter if they are fake or not you love designer clothes and your dream is to talk with Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent. If it has a shaped waist, you got it. If it’s a smart suit, it’s for you. You also probably have huge shoes or bags collection and think macaroons are the perfect dessert no matter the occasion. Oh, and there is probably a 90% chance you’ve never been to Paris…

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