Supernatural: Jensen Ackles will keep the Chevy Impala at the end of the shooting

Photo: The CW

If there’s one iconic object that is unmistakably part of the Supernatural series after fifteen years, it is the Chevrolet Impala driven by the Winchester brothers. The car that Dean (Jensen Ackles) affectionately calls Baby is about to leave the set of the series to go home with… Jensen Ackles. A fair reward for the actor who has had his eye on the car since the beginning of the series as he told Digital Spy.

As far as taking something on the final day, I will definitely be taking something that I’ve had my eye on since day one of Supernatural, But it’s okay, I’m not stealing it. I got permission. I begged and begged and pleaded for years, but I finally got it this year. They’re going to let me drive home the ImpalaJensen Ackles told the American media.

For his part, Jared Padalecki, the actor who plays Sam Winchester, said: “I was going to steal the Men of Letter’s bunker, but it wouldn’t fit in my car sadly. But I have a few trinkets here and there that I hope to hold dear forever and ever”.

The final episodes of Supernatural will be released on October 8th. If nothing unexpected happens, the final episode of the series will air on November 19, 2020. An episode that promises to do justice to the characters according to the actors who play the Winchester brothers.

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