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Locke & Key will probably have a TV adaptation thanks to Netflix

Locke & Key will probably have a TV adaptation thanks to Netflix

Published on 1 June 2018 by - Crédit Photo : DR

Locke & Key, a comic written by Joe Hill and acclaimed by many readers, will have an adaptation thanks to Netflix.

Locke & Key follow the story of a bunch of teenagers who found keys which gives them supernatural abilities and draws the attention of demons from different dimensions.

Great material to create a successful TV show, Locke & Key was first adapted by the Fox in 2011. However the pilot wasn’t up to the expectations and the show was then canceled. Earlier this year Hulu took this project in charge but, once again, it was abandoned.

Netflix now chose to adapt Locke & Key. Joe Hill, the author, and Carlton Cuse will both be executive producers for this project but but the rest of the cast chosen by Hulu will have to change. It includes Frances O’Connor, Rob Corddry, Danny Glover as well as Andy Muschietti as the director.

Will Locke & Key finally have a TV adaptation thanks to the streaming plateform ? That remains an unanswered question, for now.

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