Friends: these actors who became famous after their part in the series (2/2)

Here is the second part of our article dedicated to the actors who played in Friends before becoming famous. If you have not seen the first 10 here it is but if you did, now is the time to discover the next 10!


Mark Consuelos

Another actor from Riverdale who went through Friends. He played the role of the "sexy" policeman who allows Rachel not to take a fine for speeding and invalid license in episode 22 of season 7. After Friends, he played in many TV series including 1-800-Missing (Antonio Cortez), All My Children (Mateo Santos Sr.), American Horror Story (Spivey) and more recently Riverdale, where he plays the role of Hiram Lodge, husband of Marisol Nichols (Olivia in Friends), and father of Veronica. Veronica has parents 100% Friends!

Sherri Shepherd

Ronda the museum guide, do you remember? She is in episode 11 of season 4 of Friends. She is the one who tells to Matt LeBlanc this wonderful sentence "I shared my pudding with you man". The actress has evolved well since this period. She starred in Precious (Cornrows) with Mariah Carey, 30 Rock (Angie Jordan), How I Met Your Mother (Daphne) and played again with Matt LeBlanc in Man with a plan (Joy) in 2017.

Rebecca Romijn

An X-men in Friends. Yes yes, you may not remember her but Mystique aka Rebecca Romijn made her television debut as Cheryl, Ross's girlfriend who has a disgusting apartment. After this short screen time but noticeable screen time, she got a part in the X-men saga but also in the movie Femme fatale (Laure / Lily) alongside Antonio Banderas, in the Tv series Ugly Betty (Alexis Meade) or more recently in The Librarians (Eve Baird). She is married to Jerry O'Connell (Veronica Mars, Scream 2, Jerry Maguire).

Dan Bucatinsky

Both producer and actor, Dan Bucatinsky played in Friends in 2002 as a waiter for Phoebe's birthday. Since then, he and Lisa Kudrow have never left each other. He joined her as both an actor and producer in the series Web Therapy (Jerome Sokoloff) and The Comeback in which Lisa Kudrow plays the main role. He also played in the Scandal series (James Novak) by Shonda Rhimes, had a role in the movie The Post (Joe Alsop) and in the series 24: Legacy (Andy Shalowitz). He was a consulting producer on Grey's Anatomy.



Steve Zahn

<strong<Steve Zahn is Duncan, Phoebe's homosexual husband in season 1. Unknown in 1995, he has since appeared in movies like War for the Planet of the Apes (Bad Ape), Sahara (Al Giordino) and in the TV series Treme ( Davis McAlary), Mind Games (Clark Edwards) or Modern Family (Ronnie). In 2018 he had a role in The Crossing, a new series in France and canceled after only one season in the United States.

Emily Osment

Emily Osment was just a child at the time of her role on Friends. She played the part of Lelani Mayolanofavich, a little girl who is asking candy for Halloween and who got instead a check from Rachel. After Friends, she had many roles including the one of Lilly in Hannah-Montana, Gabi Diamond in Young & Hungry or even Gerti Giglles in the Spy Kids movies. Funny anecdote, she also played in an episode of The Suite Life on deck, Cole Sprouse' series (Ben Geller in Friends). What a small world! She is also a well-known singer and the sister of The Sixth Sense actor Haley Joel Osment.

Paget Brewster

Paget is in 6 episodes of season 4 of Friends and plays the role of Kathy, the girlfriend of Joey with whom Chandler is in love with. If the character of Kathy is her first job in a successful TV series, since then she played many roles, the main one being the one of Emily Prentiss in Criminal Minds.

Scott Adsit

Do you remember the penis prosthesis made by Monica for Joey? Well, she fell in front of Scott Adsit in 2001 in episode 19 of season 7. After this role in the series, Scott had a recurring role in 30 Rock (Pete Hornberger) and in episodes of Veep (Greg) . He also played again with Jennifer Aniston in the comedy We're the Millers and is the voice of Baymax in Big Hero 6.



T.J. Thyne

Yes, Dr. Jack Hodgins from Bones played in Friends! And he also played a doctor, Dr. Oberman, a young doctor who was originally to give birth to Phoebe's triplets. After Friends, we saw him in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Stu Lou Who), Ghost World (Todd) and in Bones since he has one of the main roles.

Christine Taylor

It's hard to recognize her without hair right? Because yes, Christine Taylor played the role of Bonnie, Ross's first girlfriend after his breakup with Rachel in season 4. After Friends we saw Christine on the big screen since she is part of the cast of the Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story movies (Kate Veatch), The Wedding Singer (Holly Sullivan) or Zoolander 1 and 2 (Matilda Jeffries). She was the wife of Ben Stiller between 2000 and 2017.

And also: Thomas Lennon, Kyla Pratt, David Sutcliffe, Ivana Miličević, George Newbern…

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