Friends: these actors who became famous after their part in the series (1/2)

Whether they played in several episodes, in one or (almost) as an extra, these actors have in common that they all were seen in Friends when they were unknown to the general public. Here is the top 10 actors on our list, some of which are even part of a very popular Netflix series currently.


Cole Sprouse

NBC / Roster Con
Currently on the Netflix series Riverdale and the part of Jughead Jones, Cole Sprouse did play in several episodes of Friends between 2000 and 2002. What part? The character of Ben Geller, the son Ross had with Carol, his first wife. We especially remember the episode The One With the Truth About London where Rachel teaches Ben practical jokes at the expense of Ross.

Mae Whitman

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The 8-year-old Mae Whitman played the role of Sarah, a little girl who Ross accidentally breaks his leg in season 3. Since then, Mae has appeared in series (Parenthood - Amber Holt), movies (The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Mary Elizabeth) and also lent her voice to many characters (Family Guy, DC Super Hero Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Michael Vartan

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Richard Burke’s son, it was him (without the mustache)! Michael Vartan played the role of Tim in the 8th episode of season 4. The nephew of the french singer Sylvie Vartan and cousin of David Hallyday has, after his role in Friends, obtained the role which took off his career: the one of Michael Vaughn in the Alias TV ​​series. He currently plays the character of Terence Anderson in The Arrangement.

Sasha Alexander

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In Friends, the character played by Sasha Alexander doesn't even have a name! She is known as being the Soap Opera Digest's journalist who interviews Joey about his career in season 8. Several years later, Sasha Alexander played the role of Caitlin Todd in NCIS and especially the one of Maura Isles, main character of the Rizzoli & Isles series. On the big screen, she joined Jennifer Aniston in the movies He's Just Not That Into You and Love Happens.



Marisol Nichols

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Marisol Nichols appeared in many series including Friends for a small role in 2003. Her character, Olivia, acting opposite Joey in his soap Days of Our Lives. Since then, she has been a part of the Riverdale cast. Her character Hermione Lodge is Veronica's mom.

Ellen Pompeo

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If, now we no longer need to introduce Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy, it was not the case when she played in Friends in 2003. It was during one of the flashback episodes (season 10 episode 11) that we see the character of Missy Goldberg. And it's, 2 years after Friends, that Ellen will play the role of her life as Meredith Grey. The TV series Grey's Anatomy is still on TV.

Jason George

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Parts of firefighter are his thing! In 2001, he made a brief appearance in the episode 12 of season 7 of Friends. Remember, he's the one who saved Phoebe from her fire alarm that keeps ringing. Since 2018, and after many seasons in Grey's Anatomy, he keeps his role as Ben Warren in the Station 19 series, a spin-off of the medical series created by Shonda Rhimes. Station 19 follows members of a Seattle fire station. He came full circle.

Aisha Tyler

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Friends fans remember Aisha Tyler as Joey and then Ross' girlfriend Charlie Wheeler for the last two seasons of the series. After Friends, she had many roles on TV and in movies: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Mia Dickerson), 24 (Marianne Taylor), Nip / Tuck (Manya Mabika), Bedtime Stories (Donna Hynde ), Glee (Jake's mom), Modern Family (Wendy), Two and a Half Men (Allison), Criminal Minds (Dr. Tara Lewis)… and even The Comeback where she plays with Lisa Kudrow. She is also a famous TV host in the United States.



Jim Rash

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Jim Rash is Rachel’s neighbor passenger on the plane for Paris. You remember ? The one who panics because the left phalange is missing from the plane is him. So it's a little thanks to him that our favorite lobsters were brought together. So, thank you who? He is now mainly known for his role in the Community TV series (Dean Pelton) but is also a famous screenwriter who won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Desendants in 2012.

Craig Robinson

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Yes, the actor from Mr. Robot (Ray), This is the end, Hot Tub Time Machine (Nick), The Office (Darryl Philbin) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Doug Judy) played in Friends. Do you remember? he talks with Pheobe in season 10 when she wants to change her name and become Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

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