Shadowhunters: 4 new guests for the Jalmics International virtual convention

Shadowhunters: 4 new guests for the Jalmics International virtual convention

Photo: DR - Jalmics International / Roster Con

With just over a week to go before the Heroes of the Shadow World 3 Home Edition convention, Jalmics International is making a series of announcements.

Four new guests have been added to the guestlist of the event dedicated to the Shadowhunters series: Steve Byers (Underhill), Tessa Mossey (Heidi McKenzie), Alan Van Sprang (Valentine Morgenstern) and Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle Lightwood).

Steve Byers and Emeraude Toubia will attend the event on Saturday, May 29, 2021 while Alan Van Sprang will be there on Sunday, May 30, 2021. Tessa Mossey will be present both days.

If their extras are not yet available for purchase, these new guests should do one-on-one, cozy chat, living room chat and herogram (see the description of these extras on the official website) just like the previously announced guests (Matthew Daddario, Katherine McNamara, Jack Yang and Nicola Correia-Damude).

Please note: before buying any extras, you must purchase a $25 pass for the event. This pass gives you access to the event, to 6 panels (that will not be available on the ticketing), to exclusive gifts and allows you to have free access for 7 days to the sequences recorded via WHOVA of all the panels purchased or included.

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