Noah Schnapp: “It was great to work with Jean Reno”

Noah Schnapp: "It was great to work with Jean Reno"

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The actor from Stranger Things answered questions about the series that made him famous during the People Convention fanmeet but also some questions about his personal life. What if we got to know Noah Schnapp better?

When did you start acting?

I started acting when I was 6 but I just did it for fun. I took an acting class for 2 years one time a week and when I was 8, the teacher came to me and said « Noah you seem to like it, you seem like you could be good at this, you should try to go into it professionnaly ». Me and my family talked about it and we didn’t really know what to expect but I started it. It was a little slow at the beginning, I would go take a train everyday to the city for an audition for a different commercial and I didn’t really get anything. Tthen I realised that it’s just the process of acting: you get rejected. Then, a few years past and I got my first movie which was Bridge of Spies and that’s where I met Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. They taugh me the basic of acting and they made me love this and realised that I wanted to do this for a long time.

How do you manage school and acting at the same time?

It can be hard because there is a lot more work and everything matters for college. But my teachers are really great and my family is super supportive and helpfull so it hasn’t been that bad but I’m just lucky to have so many people around me who are helping me managing all of this. When I’m on set, my teachers would send me the work and it’s usualy fine when I go back from filming to school

Can you tell us about your upcoming movie Waiting for Anya that you shot with Jean Reno (a famous french actor) ?

I was a little nervous to go so far away to France, be far away from home for a while, in the middle of nowhere. But it was such an amazing experience to work with Jean Reno and a lot of other amazing actors. They taught me so much. I had to live with a bunch of sheep next to me and I saw a bear, a donkey and all these cool animals. I also got to eat amazing french food and go to Biarritz which is a beautiful place.

The movie itself is amazing and it’s almost getting chosen for a festival. I’m very excited for you guys to see it.

More infos

  • Noah’s parents speak french. Her mom went to Science Po Paris and lived in France for a few years
  • Noah loves skiing. The day after the convention he was going to Switzerland to ski with his family.
  • An hidden talent? Noah knows how to floss and he almost knows how to do a backflip. He’s been training lately according to what he says
  • During the Q&A, the actor and his fans searched a name for “the fans of Noah”. “Schnappers” was said in the public but the name “Schnappys” was kept.
  • His favorit song from Calpurnia, Finn Wolfhard‘s group, is City Boy.

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