Convention’s Ten Commmandments

Photo: France Knaff / Roster Con

Oh, conventions, that really unique and important moment when you’re a fan of something. However, they’re sometimes far from what you thought they were going to do, and you wished you have known the pitfalls to avoid. So, to prepare your first convention or to be sure to spend your next one in the best way possible, here is a small and essential guide, the ten commandments of conventions.

Convenient clothes and shoes you shall wear.

Okey, wearing your best outfit is tempting but you should not forget that a convention lasts more than only the photo op time. A dress too short or an uncomfortable pair of heels and your day turns into an obstacle course. Chose to wear an outfit in which you feel good, mentally, and physically.

The planning you shall download.

How anxious it’s to be dependant on the screen display or the person sitting next to you to follow the progress of extras. The organizations always post the planning of the weekend the day before the convention. Don’t forget to download it so you’ll be able to plan your day more or less in advance.

Sociable you shall become.

Having already experimented with it, spending a convention alone is not the most fun thing to do. And it’s way easier to meet people here than outside for a solid reason: you all have at least a common point. So take your shyness away and don’t hesitate to start a chat or to approach people you sometimes know a bit only thanks to social networks. Pro tips: giving a tissue to your seat-mate to wipe away the flood of tears provoked by the opening video is also a great way to bond with someone.

The lunch break you shall take advantage of.

If leaving the convention place for lunch can make you feel like killing the mood built in the morning, it’s in fact very pleasable to have a real break. Having some fresh air and sun, even if it’s just to get your McDonald’s order (don’t lie, we all know it’s what you were planning to have) will allow you to recharge and recover from all the emotions, a bit far from the crowd.

Your nomad battery you shall not forget.

Because your body is not the only thing you’ll need to recharge. What could be more frustrating than not being able to take pictures of your favorite panel, or having to find an outlet near which you can sit? So make sure your external battery is fully loaded before leaving your hotel, to be sure you won’t miss anything from this magical day.

Hydration and nutrition you shall plan.

Water. A lot of water. You often get hot pretty quickly during a convention, no matter the time of the year. The excitement, the crowd, running not to miss your extra, or the long wait for an autograph are as many factors that will make you appreciate having a small bottle of water. Not to talk about the tears that you could shed and you’ll need to compensate… It’s the same with food: a cereal bar, an apple or some biscuits are perfect for a snack before lunch.

A bag with first necessities you shall prepare.

There is some stuff that you obviously need to remember but when you’re stressed you quickly forget basics. Some plasters, sugar in case you’re feeling weak, deodorant to avoid bad smells at the end of the day (the guests will thank you) and some classical medicines like Doliprane will perfectly do the job. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, a small wound can quickly waste your day.

To take a storage pocket you shall think.

Here it’s, you finally have your pictures and autographs. Great, but where to put it. To avoid losing or damaging anything, a plastic or cardboard folder is a good choice. Even if it’s bigger than your bag, it’s always more convenient to carry it under your arm than having separate papers flying and falling everywhere.

Some delays you shall expect.

One thing common to 99% of conventions is the planning shifting along the day. If you were planning to take a train at the end of the day, you’ll probably be obliged to change your schedule. Be patient and let yourself get carried by the new timetables. Being angry won’t make anything move faster.

Your autographs and pictures you shall practice.

If you’re anxious about meeting an actor prepare a bit of what you want to tell. A translator is often here to help you if you need but it’s always nice to feel confident when the time comes. Regarding the photo op, think about poses you would like to do (if the actor is open to poses). When your times come it will be less awkward and way more smooth.

You obviously also need to check all of your extras the day before, print it or not, depending on the organizer, don’t forget all you want to have for autographs and have your stuff ready early. These pieces of advice can seem logical but you can adapt this list to your personality, the convention, and more importantly enjoy your weekend!

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