Harry Potter : 3 new guests for the Welcome To The Magic School 5 convention

Harry Potter : 3 new guests for the Welcome To The Magic School 5 convention

Photo: DR / Jo Mclintock / France Knaff - Roster Con

A little less than a month before its Harry Potter convention, People Convention has revealed the names of 3 new guests. For the fifth edition of the Welcome To The Magic School convention two new guests and a guest who already came to Paris with the organizer is coming.

It was 7:30 pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 when People Convention revealed the name of three new actors coming to the Harry Potter convention and joining Afshan Azad (Padma Patil) and Benedict Clarke (the young Severus) who were previously announced.

The French organizer will be able to rely again on the presence of Josh Herdman who already participated in the third edition of the Welcome To The Magic School convention. However, the actor playing Goyle will only be there on Saturday. He is an included guest, so you can purchase additional extras on the ticketing. Count 25 € for an autograph, 40 € for a the photo and 80 € for a meeting-room.

Harry Potter’s fans will also have the opportunity to meet Ellie Darcey-Alden, the actress playing the young Lily Evans. Ellie, who has been quite discreet since this part in the saga, will be back in the forefront next year with the TV series Remnants. The last name revealed this Wednesday is the one of the actor who played a Slytherin. Louis Cordice, the face of Blaise Zabini in the saga. He will also be present to do panels, meetings, photoshoots and autographs.

Like Josh Herdman, these two actors are included in the passes. Their extras are also available in limited quantities on the ticketing of the convention. 25 € for an autograph, 40 € for a photo and 80 € for a meeting room.

People Convention also said that two offers are still in progress for this event.

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